The Local 714: Value for Contractors and Value for Members

Besides supporting our existing members with a collective bargaining agreement, education and training, and a single unified voice, developing new members and helping workers organize is among our highest priorities.  The value of standing together for individual workers is clear, but of equal importance is the value we provide to our signatory contractors.

The Benefits of Becoming a IBEW Signatory Contractor!

  • Hiring: We have a highly trained, professional labor force ready to work!  No more classified advertising.  Call us, we’ll post a job call and find you a job site ready employee.
  • Training: The IBEW Local 714, in partnership with N.E.C.A and the Dakota’s Chapter of the NJATC, can provide you with job site ready, trained journeyman wireman or an apprentice in training. Local 714 members arrive at your shop with a skill set you can depend on! Plus, all members have access to and are encouraged to continue their professional development through a variety of regular course offerings.
  • Administration of Benefits: With the current changes taking place in the health care industry, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of outsourcing your benefit management.  As Local 714 Signatory Contractor we’ll take care of health care provision, retirement/pension/401k, and Vacation & Holiday pay.

IBEW Signatory Contractors are able to concentrate on what’s really important…

Building a Successful, Profitable, Business!

For more information on becoming a Local 714 Signatory Contractor contact Randy Bartsch, Business Manager.