Negotiated Benefits

The Local 714 is 550 members strong, and we bring a positive, unified voice to the negotiating table.  The benefits package is a result of the hard work and sacrifice by our past members and a continued proven job performance by all members.  It is a result of the unity of our local union and the history of providing a better living for our members.

We are proud to provide our members with  a comprehensive benefit package that includes Health and Welfare, Pension Annuity and Retirement, and Vacation and Holiday pay.

Health & Welfare

Provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Pension & Annuity

The negotiated benefits package includes a pension/annuity plan and 401K option.  Combine this with the National Electrical Benefit Fund and the IBEW pension plan, it will provide a more comfortable retirement.

Vacation/Holiday Pay

The Vacation and Holiday pay consists of 6% of gross wages and is disbursed two times a year.  Typically disbursements take place the first week in April, and the first week in November.