Fishing Derby Results

This year’s  IBEW Fishing Derby had roughly sixty-five participants, which included members from 160, 292, 714, 949, and 1426.  The traveling trophy  went to Local 1426 with a total of 11 points, followed by 292 with eight points. The raffle winners were Ashley Torblaa from St. Cloud and Luke Burt the son of Evan Burt from Grand Forks.

The category winners are listed below.


  Walleye                                                                                  Perch                                                                   Northern

1st Place Luke Burt 4.34       1426                       1st Place Owen Burt 1.38 1426                1st Place    Aaron Lien 9.62  292

2nd Place Owen Burt 1.94    1426                       2nd Place Luke Burt 1.10 1426                2nd Place  Jason Gill 9.00 292

3rd Place Joe Koppi 1.88     1426      3rd Place Owen Burt /Jeff Orth  .90 1426/292    3rd Place Al Kleszyk