Save Our Pensions

The Multiemployer Recapitalization and Reform Plan introduced by Senator Grassley of Iowa, and Senator Alexander of Tennessee threatens the future of our retirement plans. We urgently need you to contact our Senators and express your opposition to this plan. Below you will find talking points for an office visit and a script for a phone conversation. You are encouraged to use you own words, as these are simply suggestions to get the conversation started.

You will find QR codes after the Senators contact information that we ask you to use to report the conversation you had with the Senators, if you do not wish to do this contact the hall and just let us know that you reached out to them and we will pass this along to the IO. They are just trying to keep track of how many member contacts were made. We have also included a white paper describing what the plan is, how it works, and the affects it could have on our plans. Please take the time to read through it to inform yourself. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the hall and we will do our best to get you answers to your questions.

Please report your meeting or conversation electronically or to the hall. Thank you for speaking up for yourself and all our brothers and sisters!